Friday, March 27, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% Idea #4 - General Concentration

Are you reading Plan3t Gong while playing poker?? If so we'll have a chuckle together by the end of this post!

This is idea #4 of 10 in my series on improving your poker profits. The idea is that we could all use some extra cash, and just 10 easy to implement steps which each add just 5% to your profit will (thanks to the wonder of compound interest!) make you 63% better off if you implement them all... sticky with all the ideas together will follow.

Now for some low-hanging fruit, I'd be willing to bet that most of us (yep, me included) could improve in the area of concentrating on our games... surfing, IMing, watching TV, phones (or texting), checking stats or even railing your friends - all of these things reduce our edge, in the worst case making us into 'level zero thinkers' who are simply reacting to cards and not playing against other people at all.

It should be very easy to see how we could reclaim 5% here.

Now, when I listed this one in the trusty Plan3t Gong notepad I realised that there was a compromise here. People like surfing / IMing / TVing etc etc and playing poker at the same time is bundled together in the category of 'having fun'... so, to set the record straight, I am not advocating that you sit in a lead-lined room focusing only on the tables with no other human or computer connection for as long as you are playing!

Instead I'd like to get readers to have a think about concentration, to stop playing when their focus goes, to switch off 1 (or 2) distractions... and to reclaim the easy 5% improvement in profits which will come with this.

If you have followed all 4 tips then we should be up to a 21.5% improvement already... come back soon for number #5 (though reserving the right to post something else for a break this coming weekend!!)

GL at the tables, Mark


strider1973 said...

Hi Mark - I am one of the many "silent" readers of your blog. I just wanted to tell you that you are really doing a great job - especially these +5% series are really great content. And good (new!) SnG content is a rare thing.

Keep on going, thank you!

Mark said...

Hey, Thanks Strider - always appreciate some positive feedback.

Even though I see the raw numbers of visitors via the analytics it can still be a lonely place out in the blogsphere!!

Thanks once again,