Thursday, March 26, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% Idea #3 - Learn Those All-In Percentages

Here is the 3rd or 10 simple ideas which together could improve your poker winnings by a cool 63%, for new readers this is a series of posts each with one idea to improve your take by a mere 5%... together that equals 63% thanks to the wonders of compound interest.

Lets take a trip back in time to the late 1950's and The Cincinnati Kid... before he met with 'The Man' to play 5 card stud Steve McQueen was seen memorising a table of the percent equity for different hands - and he was supposedly the 2nd best player in the country!

My 5% question / idea today is those hand matchups, those draws vs made hand combos, those all-in precentages (both ICM and Sklansky-Chubakov types) are the building blocks of the game of poker.

Now, be honest with yourselves once again, you 'sort of know' right? have a pretty good idea, if I asked you to write them down you'd be within a few percent most of the time... yet the people who really know this stuff have an edge on you - they are taking +ev situations and avoiding -ev situations, they are taking a little % here and a little % there from you with each confrontation.

The great thing about this material is that it is freely available on many websites (recommend the wikipedia as a good starting point) and books.

No excuses here folks, I know that mathematical reading material is a little dull, but this is an easily attainable 5% without a doubt... you do want to improve those profits by 63% right??

Number #4 follows tomorrow (so don't forget to bookmark Plan3t Gong today!)

Gl at the tables, Mark

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