Tuesday, March 24, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% Idea #1 - Actively Avoid Winners

As promised, here is the first of 10 easy improvements which together will make you 63% more profit. For those who missed the start-off post the idea is simple... 10 * 5% improvements which anybody should be able to implement can see your profit jump, for every $100 you were earning from the tables I think you should be making $163!

Idea number #1 is, like all the ideas to follow, going to sound blindingly obvious.

I challenge readers here to be honest - not with me - with yourselves... sure you'll recognise these ideas (at least if you have taken some time to think about your game!) but have you actually acted upon them?? really?

So, avoiding other winners, those regulars who are decent for the level they play in whatever game you are playing. Even if you can beat them they are taking money from the other losing players. Even if you can then extract the money from them you are winning less than you would if all of your opponents were mostly losing players.

In SNGs and cash games this is easy simply observe and check stats - then avoid tables with multiple winners already registered / seated, in tournaments you might need to try a little harder - actively searching for a better MTT on a different site for example (and if you play exclusively on Tilt and / or Stars you'll be amazed at the difference elsewhere!), or getting up earlier to catch the late night crowd on whichever side of the pond you come from.

The thing about this is that anyone can see how a little effort could improve your profits - but so few do anything about it. Taking notes, looking up stats and creating an 'avoid' list could make you more than 5% extra over time.

Here you have it, idea number #1 of 10.

Tune in again tomorrow for number #2!

GL at the tables, Mark


Anonymous said...

Avoid playing tiered ;) thats my #1 leak but i'm sure it affects a lot of poker aficionados....

Mark said...

Yep, spot on with that one... in fact it is already in the list as number #7 or #8 (no particular order to them) entitled 'Drunk, Tired and Ugly'