Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tournaments, Supernovas and Che Guevara

General update today, got to Silver Star for the first time in a while, used to be a regular Silver / Gold so shows how little time I have dedicated to the game lately.

In fact made it just in time to join the $20k weekly Silverstar freeroll along with 6000 odd others (finished 300ish for a whopping $18!!), similar finish in the $3 rebuy, yeah yeah, said I would not play it again but could not resist the fun in the first hour - min raising pre every hand, donk betting 50 into a pot of 1000 etc etc. Got my money in good on both exit hands even while steadily drinking as the tourneys went on... so no complaints there.

Anyway one observation and one rant...

Played a mix of $16 and $6.50 SNGs to accumulate those FPPs... surprising amount of people with supernova displayed on their icons, even at the $6.50 level. Do not quite get this, how many of these mind-numbing one table tournaments would they need to have played??? (also why display and give away the info - but that is for another post).

My rant concerns seeing a couple of Stars pics with Che Guevara displayed on them... this is something I just do not comprehend at all. Maybe someone can tell me what a political icon who stood up for South America's poor and against the establishment, promoted Marxism (yes, Marxism for fucks sake!) and was not afraid to use weapons to further his cause has to do with online poker???

I mean, c'mon.

Undoutedly displayed by some dope smoking self centred greasy kid sitting in his bedroom at his moms house (or in a college dorm paid for by parents)... thinking this is somehow a symbol of their own struggle against a society which 'does not understand'. Shallow. Misguided. Sad.

Anyway, just deleted the next paragraph... at the end of the day I'd prefer to let readers form their own inferences. Funny, you never see pics on Stars of Warren Buffett, George Soros or Donald Trump.... hmmmmm.

GL at those tables, Mark


Gallopin Gael said...

"Do not quite get this, how many of these mind-numbing one table tournaments would they need to have played???"

33,334 of the $6.50's or 20,000 of the $16's.

Mark said...

Ahah, thanks for those numbers Gael... the mind boggles!