Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SNG Grinders Who Became Poker 'Names'?

More of a question than anything else today. I wanted to write a piece on players who started of with SNGs... then went on to become poker names.

Chris Moneymaker had his own 'SNG strategy' at some point*... but I can not recall him being a grinder (or even regular player) at any point - same for Chris "Jesus' Ferguson.

* Would not recommend it now, horribly out of date!

The people who spring to mind are:

- RainKahn (Jared whats-his-name-Kahn) who famously did the 24 table video at the time when 6 tables was considered a lot!
- John 'PearlJammer' Turner used to grind the $16's if I recall correctly... doing pretty well for himself these days... but not really a 'name' quite yet imo.
- Eric 'Sheets' Haber is a SNG expert without a doubt.... but was he a grinder at any point? Not so sure.

Anyway - I'm stuck - think that a nice list of 10 or so would name a fantastic (and possibly motivational!) article.... anyone help me out with a few more suggestions here??

GL at the tables, Mark


Gallopin Gael said...

How bout Jonathan "Fiery Justice" Little and Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken?

Little is probably more of a "name" outside the poker community that Dicken is, but they both certainly qualify as former grinders.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark

What about Albatross77 and Jennifear? I don't know their real names, though.