Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poker Affiliate Business Update

Since starting my new business blog is a mere entry on my (very long) 'to do list' at the moment, I thought it was time for an update on the poker business.

One thing to note is that there is more movement towards regulation in the US than before, to my mind there is some momentum forming on various fronts. Barney Frank and (yet another) new bill, a couple of 'skill game' rulings in individual states, California taking briefings on their own and a more widespread understanding that there are tax dollars out there waiting to be collected... will 2009 be the year? Who knows, not basing any business decisions on it yet but becoming more hopeful as the year progresses.

Talking of years progressing (we were?)... The Planet Corporation is off to a great start, and I mean really great!

Our limited liability company is now in formation... by the end of the month we will be known as 'Planet Corporation Kft' (Kft being the Hungarian version of LLC in the US, LTD in the UK etc etc). Wanted a 'big' name and one that was not restricted to poker - since we have many many plans outside of that sphere.

Anna and Vera are settling into their roles and we are trying to transfer as many of Erika's website building / SEO skills over as possible. This will free up Erika to do some of the higher value-add tasks such as improving geo-targeting, analytics work and even better SEO! We are planning to take on one more person in a month or two who speaks Romanian and Hungarian to create even more sites in this area!

So, here is a site-by-site summary as in previous months (some links top right to see them!)

Sit And Go Planet: We just launched the Romanian version.... 100 pages all at once, making it (as far as we can tell) the single biggest SNG / MTT strategy collection in that language! Always feels great to launch a new section, then kind of flat while Google catches up with the indexing / ranking, oh well. We are working hard on new content, seo (particularly for the Russian version) and now have a Polish translation underway too... this will continue to be our main site and we will be working hard to improve as we go - now over 1000 visitors per day which is a nice psychological milestone.

Omaha Planet: Another one which we have added content to, visitors are rising nicely as are some of the rankings... was thinking of selling this at one point but seeing more potential now. Still intend to write an ebook for this one at some point... not a highest priority at the moment though. Considering translations too.

Poker Bonusz Klub: This started life as our Hungarian bonus portal... nothing too fancy just 40 pages of reviews and bonus comparisons (with 10 or so decent strategy articles too). Visitors up (low numbers but very targeted)... the big news here is that we should have the Russian version completed this week - and the Romanian version the week after. Again the new ones will take a while to get ranked etc (link building required) so more jam for tomorrow.

Rakeback-Planet (with the dash!): Revamp has slipped a little, should get it done over the next week or two. Really want to have this in a decent state so we can get it translated...

Killer Holdem: No idea what to do next with this one... except point some of the pages at Rakeback-Planet when the latter is revamped.

Melted Felt: Was doing great but dropped by Google yet again at the moment.... whenever this happens the visits drop massively and so does my motivation to post there. Still the last 2 drops (yep, 3rd f ing time) only lasted a few weeks!

Plan3t Gong: Still planning on changing this blog to be more 'outward looking' rather than writing about myself too much!

New Projects In The Pipeline:

Durrrr Challenge - Managed to pick up 2 totally targetted blogger blogs for this (one with 3 r's and one with 4!) and will be sorting out the content over the next week or so for these, the biggest buzz around deserves a quality tracking service.

PBN: An acronym at the moment for our new project which should start to see the light of day in April(ish). We will be targeting bonus type keywords but with a slightly different twist!

CC: Another acronym, this time for our casino site - determined to get a start in this huge market and will be creating at least one 'mini-site' next month, we will then aggressively translate into Central EU / Russian languages and add from there. Want to grow a casino portal eventually but aware that we could lose the focus on poker if we go too fast here... need for balance.

Well, thats the state of the Planet Corp for the moment - always happy to speak with anyone interested in the poker business... the benefits of working together with supposed competitors usually beat the costs!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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