Monday, February 16, 2009

New Direction For PG Poker!

Unusual eh? No posts here for a week!

Well, there was a good reason for this - even though it lead to a bit of 'bloggers anxiety' (that feeling of mild guilt that I had not posted!). It is time for a brand new direction for Plan3t Gong, and I wanted to give myself some space to think it through.

Here is the bottom line: Poker is now my 'work' and not my hobby. Running and growing a poker business is a 12 hour a day endeavour for me... I am growing a business that will run without me in the medium-term. Those who play / coach / write professionally I admire your spirit and skills, yet when you stop working your income also stops - 10 years in a blue-chip taught me to avoid this trap and everything I now do is focused on creating a passive income in 2 to 3 years time. When you spend this much time involved in poker what is the last thing you want to do with your liesure time? You guessed it!

Some Good News! My work means spending time involved in poker news, views and strategy... and I plan on passing the fruits of this labour to readers here. This will involve linking out to more articles which are not my own. In the spirit in which Plan3t Gong was created these will be the kind of articles that make people think (oh, will also include those with the potential for increasing my readers profits of course!).

More Good News! Personal and business updates will move to a new blog, in plan for creation at some point next month... this will be a broad business blog and focus on poker and other areas which we are looking at + a little humor and stuff on my new hobby ('creative' photography!). Stay tuned for an announcement here.

Even More Good News! Announcements of new strategy articles / information on my growing network of sites will still feature here... we are aggressively pushing into new markets at the moment and expect 2 new sites, a revamp of our rakeback site and the Romanian Version of SNG Planet all to come out in the next few weeks.

For any Romanian readers here is a preview (the final proof-read / checking + validation this week so not quite perfect yet.)

So, plan is to try and get the new direction going as soon as possible - so watch out for more posts this week!

PS: 1 year smoke free... ship it!

Gl at the tables, Mark


Game101 said...

Hey Mark, congrats on your success and the 1yr smoke free. Keep it up.

I would love to hear more about creative photography. I've been interested in Photography for some time, but had my first digital camera stolen last year. It was a small compact... something to get me started. I plan on Buying a new camera for my Bday. I'm thinking about getting the cannon powershot G10.


Mark said...

Hey Thanks - giving up smoking was a great move... I'm not anti-smokes or anything but would recommend quitting to anyone, you'll feel 100% better!

Will post some links to pics at some point, just learning myself at the moment. I have a canon EOS350 D which is a few years old now but great (if anything too many features to use). Worth investing in a tripod for those longer exposures too.

Cheers, Mark