Monday, February 23, 2009

Motivation On A Monday Morning... For Poker / Business / Life

Probably mentioned before that I have a love / hate view of a website known as the Warrior Forum. It is an internet marketers board (or rather the internet marketers board), in which making $$$ is the main topic of discussion.

It is full of spammers, scammers, hopefulls, newbies and fools with the occasional successful business owners - who hang out mainly to sell 'how to make money' ideas / ebooks / coaching to those mentioned above!

So Mark - Why Read It??? (I hear you all ask!)

Well, occasionally there is a nugget there, a piece of info, a link to a site a seemingly unrelated idea - something that I can bring into my own business and will contribute to my success.

Today I found a post which was so good I found myself nodding along, it concerns our mindset and the trap of thinking too small. It concerns the fact that if our goals are too narrow (or shallow) then our actions focused on reaching those goals will also be limited. It concerns how to break out of this cycle and get the success you really deserve.

Whether you play poker for a living, run an online (or any other) business or just have aspirations to break out of your current limited life I suggest you read the post. If your goal is to move up to $2 / $4 by the end of the year then why not aim for $5 / $10 instead, if you want your poker affiliate business to reach $10k then why not aim (and truly aim) for $50k instead?

Anyway - here is that link.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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