Monday, February 02, 2009

Defeated By A Poker Book + Romanian Full Steam Ahead!

Well, for the first time ever I have puffed out those cheeks, sighed, and put down a poker book before getting anywhere near the end.

Yes - 'The Mathematics Of Poker' has defeated me 2-0 in the final minute to keep it's title hopes alive, and is destined for the 'what the f was all that about then' pile. Maths has never been my strongest point. Can do mental arithmetic pretty fast etc but anything which involves a formula just causes me to blank.

Ah well, plently more books in the sea, or something.

Another busy week ahead (going to stop writing this every week - it can become one of those silent assumptions a bit like the 'Of course you are 100% right and I am wrong' silent proviso which comes in front of everything I say to the better half!). This week will see the final pages of the Romanian SNG Planet completed... then just a matter of having the final checks done next week before we can go live.

Keen to get this one up and running since there is quite a backlog of new projects building up including some more poker bonus club versions and a revamp of rakeback-planet (with the dash!) + multi-language versions of that one too.

Anyway, with all this work to do I'd best get on!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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