Thursday, February 05, 2009

Affiliate Business - Poker Spam - A Different Perspective

Post concerned with the poker business today - triggered by various discussions and viewpoints over the past months on some of the larger poker affiliate forums. Hopefully this at least provides some 'food for thought' in that direction... if you are a player / blog reader and not interested in the ethics of international spamming then the post below this one 'are the games getting tougher' may be of more interest!

Anyway... here is an example adapted (+link removed!!) from a spam blog comment received yesterday, nothing special about it - just wanted to set the scene a little.

Online Poker Game offer you virtual way of enjoy poker game through the Internet. Though a bit difficulty, this game can be masterful in due course. Online players can number of times until they feeling they have mastered the game.

Horrible huh?

I am sure that anyone would agree the huge number of 'respun' articles, auto translated Chinese websites filling up the long tail of the SERPS and spam forum posts and comments in this horrific broken language are a scourge on our industry!!

Now, maybe then someone can explain this....

Many otherwise reputable poker webmasters, folks from my own home country (England), the US and Canada (to name the 3 largest), people who produce quality information and interesting value-added websites, people who would never think of themselves as spammers are exactly that - spammers.

Here is why, they are taking their content, making new directories and using automated tools to translate this, creating - in multiple languages - exactly the kind of rubbish / spam which I gave you an example of above.

Yet, in the eyes of many this is perfectly acceptable behaviour.... why is this?

- Some have a perspective that they are 'helping out' those countries who have little strategy / bonus code knowledge by auto translating.

- Some have the perspective that it is somehow different to spam a 'foreign' country than it is to spam the US / UK / wherever.... that this somehow 'does not count'.

- Some have the perspective that it is a 'no-lose' since any resident of the county spammed who takes offense and refuses to visit your 'brand' again does not matter.

My perspective is the logic which leads otherwise reputable webmasters to become blatant spammers is twisted, shallow and - well to be honest on exactly the same class level as the Chinese (not picking on that country specifically, just an example) who attempt to black-hat their way up the search-engines with their broken English.

Fellow affiliates, I call on you to stop spamming.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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