Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well Well Well

It appears to be the latest thing at the moment to do a 'Well'. For those not familiar this is basically where a 'known' / successful player open themselves up for any / all questions in a forum post... these have been around for a while, but to my mind appear to be escalating in number.

Some are interesting, some not - reflecting the diverse people behind those screen-names. In true Plan3t Gong service style I'll list a couple of the better ones found recently...

- First up is Annette_15 Obrestad's Well post over on Poker-Road

- Next Pocket 5's for SCTrojan's Well (would have listed Assasinato's instead, but can not seem to find it - but this one is also quite insightful)

- Finally one for the Omaha fans - the Well of Ben Grundy aka theMilkybarkid, nosebleed stakes may not be everyones cup of tea but this guy owns when it comes to PLO! His well is at 2+2

Any more to add to the list? I would be happy to add a bunch more if anyone out there would like to suggest them.

GL at the tables, Mark


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Hi Mark, look forward to checking out the other Wells. I read my first Well yesterday, probably a link from your site to Ben Grundy. Found it incredibly diverse and insightful.

Thanks for the pointers ...

Rot Weiss said...

You can find a more easy to read version of Annette in The Well here

Annette in the Well