Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things Move Fast + Personal 'Chat Ban'

Feeling good after a 6km run this morning... on the treadmill, it is minus 6c or something horrible like that outside... also feeling good about movement with the business!

Have agreed with a Polish gentleman that we start the next translation of 100 pages of SNG Planet (now sorting the details / checks, but all seems legit so far). The Romanian translation is almost done too... just the small matter of creating the web pages now (gulp!)

Also have our first interview this week for a part time assistant to help us with the Eastern expansion into Russia and Central Europe. Not too late for applications (actually I may even take more than one person if the skills / languages fit well!) if any Hungarian readers know someone looking for part-time work in Budapest then let me know - advert link below!

Back to the playing side of poker... I have made a late addition to my new years resolutions, it really concerns working on my game and primarily the emotional detachment required to be successful. This manifests itself in a constant reminder to myself - to 'make decisions for the right reasons' but one small side effect is a personal ban from reacting in the chat box.

Now, to be honest I am not very chatty anyway, and the usual 'worst' comment you would find from me after a hideous beat would be 'sigh' or maybe 'donked'.... (except on a couple of occasions where I blew up at the odd egotistical 'professor' in a low limit game to keep them in their place (never works BTW - like arguing with traffic cone)).

Still these were reactions which tended to personalise things, both on the table and in my mind... and in 2009 they have gone... for my own good reasons the 'if you cant think of anything nice to say then say nothing at all' rule will be applied. Hopefully this will help me focus harder on making the best decisions possible. We will see.

GL at the tables, Mark

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