Saturday, January 03, 2009

Poker Writing Comp - $1000 + 10 * $100 Up For Grabs

Ummmed and Ahhhed about posting this, but since there are many talented bloggers / writers out there who pop over to Plan3t Gong now and again here it is... a decent sized prize for a strategy article competition.

This is run by Randy Ray, as reputable an affiliate as they come and owner of several highly respected and well known websites - you will have seen them, trust me!

With $1000 for first prize and 10 * $100 runner-up spots + 5 categories to choose from there is bound to be significant buzz around this comp, which closes at the end of Jan. Here are the categories - will link to the forum thread at Poker Affiliate Programs which announces this below:

- General Poker Strategy
- Texas Holdem Poker Strategy
- Omaha Hi Lo Poker Strategy
- Razz Poker Strategy
- Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy

Article Writing Competition

GL at those tables, Mark

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