Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personal Poker Content Challenge!

Rainy January days can somehow drain the motivation, so time to perk myself up with a mini-challenge - focused on the longer term growth of my poker website business.

I will create 120 quality poker content pieces in the next 10 working days. 12 a day is pretty heavy going but definitely achieveable with the right mindset / focus.

Acceptable pieces of work will include:

- Quality blog posts (not the mini-update type ones)
- Strategy Pieces for my own network of sites
- Reviews / Bonus type pages for some of the sites in plan
- Articles for other poker webmasters to exchange for links (traffic - if you want some quality writing give me a shout)
- Extensive re-writes of existing pages (for example I'll be completely redoing my rakeback site pretty soon, not just minor tweaks though, has to be a complete rewrite).

Looked at Stars last night and noticed I needed just 430ish more FPPs to get to silver-star too... so we will throw this into the mix to get there before the end of the month (well, the alternative on Saturday would probably only involve shopping anyway!).

Right, best start writing!

GL at the tables, Mark


poker kid said...

120 in 10 days!?!?!

Wow mate, good luck with that! Haha, right, i'll be checking back for this insane outpouring of writing. Sounds like I'll have so much to read I won't be able to catch everything immediately!

Neilc999 said...

hey mark, hows it going. I dont know if youve posted on this before because i havnt kept up to date with the blog latly (sorry). But whats your opinion on the stars double or nothins, and do you think there a good way to build a bankroll. Im guessing push fold strategy on the bubble would be much different to a normal 9 man job. Playing it out like a normal sat where 5 people get the seat/same prize. If your the shorty though what should your pushing range be? From what ive seen so far the bubble is super tight in these no matter how the sng started out.

Big ask i know but any feed back you could give me would be great.



Neilc999 said...

ahh no mattter mate, i found your links to the sng planet posts for these little beasties. Your blogs a minter, keep it up


Mark said...

Hey, You will not see all of the content... a lot will be for other webmasters in exchange for some traffic etc, oh and a bunch on insomnia too.

Do hope to provide some quality output along with the promotional items though.

Any webmasters who want reviews etc for free give me a shout (along with your URL(s) ) and we can discuss.

Neil - Glad you found those article. DoN's are a great way to build a roll - just a little dull after a while. You only need 1 or 2 kamikazi players each game to make a consistent profit. GL with those!

Cheers, Mark