Friday, January 09, 2009

Mixed Feelings On Titan Poker's VIP Club

Titan Poker have actually been overdue a VIP club... yet now they have announced what looks like a pretty generous scheme I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Why? Well, they took away almost 100,000 points which I'd accumulated over the last few years.

Strangely, it should not matter, but it does.

These points were not quite useless - but fairly close to it. Being useful only for tournament entries with smallish prize pools and the occasional satellite.. the thing is that there was no warning that the new VIP club would set them to zero. My feeling of irritation is that they should have let players know a couple of months in advance, that way at least there is the choice to join in some of the freerolls etc

Anyway, enough grumbling - more a point of principal for me. There are a couple of pieces of good news here. Firstly that it opens a door for a whole bunch of 'treating VIP members badly' jokes for Melted Felt (gonna write that in just a minute - should be fun!). Secondly, Titan (and iPoker) have grown significantly to be the 3rd largest online poker site without a VIP club of any note - and with one they should be even better postitioned for a huge 2009... so the affiliate side of me is happy that the terms are generous at least!

Titan are unfortunately not US-friendly at the moment, if any non-US players are interested, Titan Poker are actually one of the fishiest sites you will find anywhere - I would personally argue that they beat Party in this respect!. My bonus code SNGPLANET gets a bigger 100% to $500 bonus and $20 in free cash (placed automatically into your account within 48 hrs)... just click the link below to check out those profitable tables for yourself!

Check Out Titan's New VIP Club!

GL at those tables, Mark

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