Monday, January 05, 2009

Loving The Poker Business

On a day where millions the world over will return to their desks in various corporations I am taking a moment to consider myself fortunate... the xmas and new year disruption to normal life is finally out of the way and it is time to get fully back to work - and it feels great!!

More business posts to follow as the month goes on. First an update from some new years pokering...

A mild disappointment on my first final table of the year in a 600-odd runner $5 donkament on Titan... came in 6th (or was it 7th?) playing a big pot against an over-aggressive but bad player in the big blind... raised up kings before the flop, and managed to act weak enough at the same time as building a big pot that we were both pot committed on a dry flop. Was one of those reads combined with pot control situations in position which worked out perfectly - until he spiked the river for a horror 2 -pair... no bad beat whining here on Plan3t Gong (it was self-banned a long time ago), did everything right which was all that I could do, the rest is down to chance!

Over on Stars I took advantage of their world record reload bonus and played a bunch of $6+50c SNGs, 9-tables at a time... sure, this is a step down from my previous levels, but based on my bankroll on this site that was what I should be playing (practice what you preach etc!!). Success so far, both in profits and clearing the bonus and now have 65-odd buy-ins for the $16s (next weekend though - too busy to play for a few days).

Next couple of days will be focusing on writing some great content and organising the initial steps for some new projects for '09... can not wait!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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