Monday, January 19, 2009

General Updates - Poker + Poker Business

Very little poker this past weekend... entered a couple of tournaments Friday evening, but kind of expected to lose coin flips and even dreaded the AK vs KK type pots - not the right frame of mind to play a good game at all. Pleased to say that I was able to read the situation well enough to abort the mission before committing too much money - ended up playing the international version of Monopoly in Hungarian (which I can not read)... would 'get out more' only its too bloody cold!

My business is really the focus of poker efforts at the moment, even spent a couple of lazy hours on Sunday writing some reviews to exchange for links. Last week saw our part- time Russian speaker start with us, training in progress at the moment, but a very bright lady so should be up to speed soon enough. Actually have an interview this afternoon with a Polish speaker, we will see how it goes... definitely would like at least one more part-timer, just a matter of when.

Got a huge list of projects to work on at the moment.... here is a flavour of what is coming next!

- SNG Planet Deposit Options: Completed this last week with something like 12 new pieces (counting new versions which basically replace some of the existing articles). Also did a new layout and new visual matrix for this section. Erika is working away at this one right now and we hope to have it up in the next day or two.

- SNG Planet Romanian: This is now getting created, the new lady is doing is under E's supervision... going to be 3 weeks or so (unless I get impatient and decide to step in and do it myself!!).

- SNG Planet Satellites: This weeks big task for me is to completely update the satellites section of SNG Planet, got a ton of great content in plan and a new way of organising it too... will also work on some links for this one as we are on page 1 of the big G for some great terms but not in the top 3 places for very many. Expect the results next week.

- Translations: Loads going on, just started SNG Planet Polish, PB Klub is now underway in Romanian and Russian... more to follow too!

Next in the queue will be the revamp of my rakeback site... feeling motivated (as usual really) anf ready to make a big difference this week!

GL at those tables, Mark

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