Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day Of New!

Notice anything different about this post? A certain newness in the spaces between the words? Something about the sentence structure that says 'clean out of the box'?


Oh well... I have a new laptop, it has a gazillion gigs of stuff and a long list of electronic components with numbers next to them. The thing is I hate having a new computer... always have. While others might be excited to have the latest technology I actually kind of dread it, after all there was nothing wrong with my old one really... mind you, taking this logic to the extreme I would still have my Amstrad word processor with WordPerfect (or even m BBC.... a model B no less!!)

Anyway, life goes on and this laptop will be like an old friend in no time, no poker sites on it for the moment... another job for another day!

There is actually a great reason for having a new machine. Today we start our first employee at the Plan3t Corp, part time in the afternoons to help us grow the Russian side of the business. Yesterday we sorted out desk + chair etc and wiped my old laptop... today we start some training.. and tomorrow the world. Interviews are still ongoing for other languages too, interesting times ahead!!

Some interesting outbound links for you soon.

GL at the tables, Mark


DubsPoke said...

Congrats on the phenomenal growth and best of luck going forward!

Quick question: do you do your own web design/layout or outsource it?



Mark said...

Hey, Thanks there Dubs - much appreciated.

Designs are Erika's department, my Fiance and other half of the planet team... though the ideas are sometimes mine She has the ability to turn a sketch into a web page very fast - a real talent!

Cheers, Mark