Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poker New Years Resolutions

Everybody else is doing it - so now my turn, hey can't write something to provoke thoughts every day.

These will focus on my approach to the game and overall goal of enjoying poker, rather than stating any monetary aim (those are all tied up with my affiliate business anyway). Breaks will be initiated any time poker becomes a grind or a chore in 09!

1) Drop Down When Tired: Often find myself playing at the end of a day spent writing when 'winding down'. This play is usually half-assed to be honest, at best on auto-pilot and at worst as an 'aside' while surfing etc. Problem with saying 'don't do it' here is that I actually enjoy these periods... my relaxation (especially since I never watch TV!). So instead of denying myself something enjoyable... I'll resolve to drop down... maybe $6.50 SNGs or $10 cash games, where losing a couple of buy-ins would not make me grumpy just before bed!

2) Cash / SNGs >> MTTs: Enjoy larger tournaments but find them frustrating too... thing is my 'expectation' is much bigger in SNGs and lower level cash game tables. Cardrunners has already given me some great cash-game insights into lines and ranges that I am looking forward to putting to good use... SNGs are as soft as they ever were once you move away from the sites / hours where the grinders swarm! Going to play MTTs but this will be my liesure outlet, maybe one evening per week for them will be good... though see below.

3) Playing == Improving: In order to move up stakes / make $$$ I resolve to balance playing and studying the game in at least equal portions... PxF / Cardrunners are one thing but I really should spend some more time reviewing my hand histories too.

4) Qualify For Stuff! Yeah, would be great to play the occasional FTOPs / ECOOP event or just a Sunday Million... who knows, with a bit of effort I might even qualify for an outside event - going to take an occasional shot at this as time permits, actually believe I'm fairly +ev in satellite tournaments so this could be profitable as well as enjoyable as long as I take the T$ now and again to re-invest.

5) Enjoy Poker: Sure, the resolutions above all concern this but for me this is the most important of all - and so deserves a spot of its own... if I stop enjoying the game I'll stop playing for a couple of weeks... I see so many people start playing because they love poker, get seduced by the profit aspect - and then forget why they loved poker in the first place... I will not be one of those people.

Happy new year to all - and GL at the tables for 2009!


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