Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poker And A Balanced Life

Well, my break from the tables until the end of the year can not be a total break from the game - fortunately my business now relies on poker... a double-edged sword to be sure, but mostly this self-enforced break is an opportunity to reflect positively on how poker is just so much better when part of a balanced life.

I actually have loads of other interests in this life which I may not have mentioned in this blog... here is a selection:

- Economics, love the markets, their psychology and the logical yet crazy systems within systems that hold it all together. Consider myself smart enough to know that I'm not smart enough to time the markets... sold out of UK property in 2005 (too early but at least I saw the mass delusion that was the property bubble in time), and sold my last share fund, along with commodities in Jan of this year bringing my savings into cash... the majority is in British Pounds which is a shame, but hey 2 out of 3 aint bad!

- Astronomy, no telescope but enjoy the web stuff and plan to have my own 'scope when I do not live smack in the middle of a major city! Part of my breakfast routine is the 'astronomy picture of the day'... and my screens background an attractive shot of some far-off galaxies. Are we alone? Doubt it though I dont have any 'alien conspriracy theory' in me... would be nice to see proof of some sort that there is life elsewhere before my time here is up - oh, and also plan a holiday in space one day soon (might be 20 years but will one day be possible!)

- Photography, a new one for me, always told I have an eye for a photo but never had the technical knowledge before, now on a course to redress this. Have bought a tripod too... already have a decent enough camera an EOS 350 (think they were named 'Rebel' in the US, though to be honest I do not see what is so rebellious about it). Looking forward to getting more into this one in the coming weeks. Might post some pics here, might not.

- Music, no longer an actiev musician alas but still have a couple of bass guitars including a beautiful Surine (Pic Of My Esprit II here) and my trusty fender Jazz, plan on warming up the old fingers again one day soon, can not be bothered with all that lugging amps around of my youth any more, but would be great to set up a jam / band of some sort on an informal basis. Also love watching live music and have seen more live bands than I care to remember, 100's and 100's ... note to self: must do more of that.

- Writing, seem to spend days on end doing this now, and when I sell the planet Corp for a cool million a few years down the line I'll do it for liesure and extra cash... starting with the sequel to the 'day of the triffids'. Love other peoples books too, IMHO nobody has come close to the gentle irony, ideas and creative yarns of the recently deceased Kurt Vonnegut... if you have never read 'Galapagos', 'The Sirens Of Titan' or 'Cats Cradle' then you have missed out on some special works. If you have then maybe you are part of my Karass all along? (don't even do there, I'm not spiritual!)

- Running, does this count as an interest? Not sure, but after quitting smoking in Feb of this year and getting fit I have now reached the point where I get upset if something prevents me running. Just 5 minutes from our office is the Margrit Island which has a dedicated 'slightly squidgy' running track around it, this is 5.36 KM long which makes it a popular destination... took me 37 years to believe that fitness was a positive, now wish I'd discovered it years before!

Could go on by adding women (or rather a woman!), drinking fine whiskey and wines, travel (big fan!), diving, philosphy and psychology, arguing (in the healthy debate sense) and looking at the world through well humored yet extremely cynical eyes... but hey, want to sum it up with this point...

Poker alone is great... Poker as part of a balanced and varied life is simply fantastic!

GL at the tables, Mark

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booksmart said...

I have to agree with you. Vonnegut was an absolute genius. The honesty and courage and wit in his writing is unmatched by anyone I've ever read outside of someone like Shakespeare, seriously. One of the greatest post-modern writers ever. Who else could conjure up syntax like "Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand," with a twinkle in the eye and a mischievous smirk. I commend you on your taste, haha.