Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business Update - Winding Down 08 And Looking Forward To 2009

2008 has been a great year affiliate-business wise, we have built a business to the point where it now beats the income I used to earn in corporate life... and also laid some foundations for moving to the next level as the new year begins.

Just one more project to complete at the moment... Omaha Planet is getting a long over-due revamp and a bunch of new content. This site was bugging me for a while for lack of direction, what I decided in the end was that the content (aimed at beginners and those transitioning from Holdem) is excellent and some more of the same, along with clearer organisation was really the key. We hope to 'launch' the new version by the end of Monday (in fact it will go up then whether completed or not!).

More sites are in plan for next year, we have taken the decision to employ someone to help us build them which should allow the pace to pick up fast. The 'plan' is actually fluid, though based on strict financial targets... since I am an 'ideas man' something new could come up at any time... here is a flavour of what 2009 could bring:

- SNG Planet: More languages for sure, going to bring attention to the MTTs, Satellites and Deposit Methods sections soon (will continue with the SNG stuff though)... An 'archive' will be built to thin out the 100's of articles listed on each page too... later in the year we hope to start videos and some more interactive elements too... widgets are also possible... want to take this one to the next level, we already get 700ish visitors each day (and many pageviews each).. no reason why this can not be 2000 / day by the end of 2009.

- Melted Felt: This is more of a fun one... in 2009 it is 'officially' going to go corrupt (can't wait!!)

- Omaha Planet: Covered this one, just to say we have some targets in terms of visitors and conversions and hope to get this translated at some point too.

- Rakeback-Planet: Dropped the ball with this, letting it get out of date and never really pushed it... whole new approach in 2009, hopefully starting by Feb... going to make this personal, yes all of my rakeback players will be personally looked after by me! More than just dispute resolution, I hope to be able to arrange coaching, sort out better deals on tools, insights and previews from my industry contacts and a whole lot more (for those who play resonable high volume in return of course... this will not be a 'deposit $20 and Mark will solve your dispute' game... ).

- Have been aging this one for a while, it will get its turn in the spring - want to make it a mini-strategy portal upon which the other sites can be fed traffic. We will see but there is no reason why this can not contain a couple of hundred Holdem articles and generate a nice income by the end of 09.

- Poker Bonusz Klub: Our Hungarian language portal - This is half way through a revamp, really pleased with the new look and extra calls-to-action... new cpntent is being translated at the moment too. Going to work on this one some more in terms of links / SEO and making it into a 'club', capuring e-mails and finding the best possible offers for them. Would also like to have versions of this in several languages by the end of next year.

- Plan3t Gong... not to forget the trusty old blog... still not exactly sure where this one is going, do enjoy writing it though and according to Google a lot of people enjoy reading it! Will continue with a mix of strategy, psychology and business for the time being and make a decision on it later... at some point I'll probably let it retire gracefully - but not for the next few months at least.

Well, those are the current sites and plans for each - will have to save the plans for more sites for another post. It is my Birthday tomorrow (still cant believe where all those years went... only 5 minutes ago I was 18 and in a bar with a beautiful Brunette *boom* 20 years litterally fly-by and I'm about to turn 38 engaged to a beautiful Blonde) so, no posting. Might well have a quick flick through on Monday and see how many 'part #2's' are still not completed!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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