Monday, December 22, 2008

Omaha Planet Upgrade Completed!

Always really happy announcing the cumultation of tons of hard work and effort - for both Erika and Myself.

Today is no exception, we are pleased to bring the first major update of Omaha Planet all year - co-incidentally marking the 1st birthday of the site. The look is smarter and easier to follow (no long lists of articles, now several shorter ones). There is a bunch of new material and many updates to the existing articles too... what is more we are in the process of building up a pipeline of new material for the site.

Omaha Planet was 'useful but dormant' for far too long, this upgrade and content additions will give us a platform to really move forward with this one - to become the leading strategy site in its area as we move into 09, I'm looking forward to the challenge already!!

Oh - a link - of course... Omaha Poker

Your feedback is not only welcome, it is much appreciated to help us better understand what is good / bad / ugly etc - drop me a comment or send a mail via the address on the site.

Going down south to stay with the in-laws for a Hungarian xmas this year (we swap each year between the UK and HU), looking forward to some damn good eating and drinking... will have access to the net so will update here should anything interesting happen.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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