Monday, December 08, 2008

Is Online Poker Becoming Nastier? + (Yet Another) Busy Week Ahead!

Here is a question that has been popping into mind regularly over recent months. Is the chat that accompanies online poker games more hostile, patronising of those with less experience and, on occasion, downright nasty than before?

My perception is yes, at least on stars - moderation notwithstanding I am really starting to get the impression that an average fish making an average fishes error is now far more likely to be given a nasty time than a couple of years ago. Sure, it happens on Titan and some of the other sites too - but noticably more so on Stars and Tilt.

Anyway - my opinion on those who patronise or otherwise insult fish is well documented in many posts here. Smart players realise instinctively that keeping the fish happy is good for the bankroll - those who think that they are smart but are actually not are the ones who give fish a hard time!

Going to force myself to have the most productive week possible this week, really planning on breaking some records... watch this space for more announcements soon...

BTW - I am still looking for a Polish translator, ideal candidate would be a smart and poker-aware student, would like to have 100 pages on SNG Planet in Polish in a 2 to 3 month timeframe (price negotible but no agencies need apply)... just drop me a comment with your contact details - I will not publish them publically!

GL at the tables, Mark

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