Monday, December 01, 2008

Frustrating Weekend At The Tables + Showing

Very frustrating weekend of poker... the old 2 steps forward 3 steps back routine. Only managed to regain some lost bankroll (well, a little!) at the last minute when no less than 2 players decided that it was a good time to stack off on an A-8-8-6-10 board with 8's full of 6's in 25c / 50c PLO... and fortunately I had the top full. Might sound good but only lessened the damage!!

So, on to more cheerful subjects.

Noticed a lot of 'showing' this weekend, tons of it in fact. Maybe it was my heightened sensitivity to it after thinking over the why's and wherefores... or maybe there really was more.

Some of it was just absurd. Imagine a double or nothing SNG with a really bad big stack, the kind who folds 2 orbits then decides to double up the smally with ace-rag (euuuchhh). Now shoves and shows kings. Why? Does he not realise that his stack is the important factor? That the cards are almost meaningless once a couple of micro-stacks have folded? Why show us that you do not understand this?

Anyway, I find the showers frustrating and funny in equal measure... so here is my they think / you think tounge-in-cheek guide to some common showing situations.

BB=30 in a deep stacked MTT... folds around to the big blind (he gets a walk) who shows you that he had 9/4 off.

He Thinks: Haahaaha - that showed them what a bunch of fools they were when I had nothing at all.

You Think: Not very experienced, better steal his blind every orbit from now on until he gets p1ssed off an plays back with A6 off in about an hours time... at which point we bust him with AK.

BB=50, A multi-way pot has become heads-up by the rivered 10... your opponent bets big while 1st to act with a board of A-3-Q-7-10 with no flushes available. You pause and fold your A-J sooted... only to see your opponent show you K-J for the nuts.

He Thinks: I outplayed him there, and wanted to show that I am not a bluffer so that my raises get more respect on future hands.

You Think: Humm, limped KJo from early position, called a 4bb raise out of position before the flop, and a 3/4ths pot raise on the flop. Overbet the pot when he hit on the river. This idiot overvalues big cards, is not aware of position and has no idea about the relationship between the chances of making his hand and the size of the bet he should call.

BB=100, you raise and get 3-bet by an extra-aggressive opponent with position on you for the 6th time in the last hour... you fold your small pair and he shows you aces.

He Thinks: The guy thinks I am 3-betting him light, so I will show the aces to let him know that I'm not bluffing.

You Think: Looks like conclusive proof that the last five 3-bets were with air or at the very least nothing strong.... look forward to 4 betting him next time!

Exaggerations for sure, but not as far from the truth as you might think!!

GL at those tables, Mark

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