Friday, December 26, 2008

Festive Chat Tell Anecdote

Enjoying a fantastic xmas at the in-laws... so much eating and drinking that I have lost count! Just a quicky post concerning a small tournament on Party that I busted out of before the money... this one concerns a 'chat tell'...

Here is what happened... I was moved to a new table and saw the end of a hand in which someone got busted. A 'table professor' then started a long and boring lecture about how Ace-Jack was not a great hand and should not have been played that way blah blah blah

Couple of hands later the blinds go up and I find myself with only 9 or so BBs in the hijack... with Mr $10 tournament 'expert' still chatting as if he was Phil fucking Ivey. I get dealt - yep, you guessed it - two cards! Since our expert in the BB will now find it impossible to call with anything ace-jack or worse I have a simple, yet effective, stealing opportunity.

His chat came home to roost...

Only, this time he had AQ, called and that was the end of me... ah well, maybe next time!

GL at the tables, Mark

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Littleacornman said...

Nasty sting, but I like your thinking and like to take advantage of table captains like that too.