Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cardrunners + Politics + Blogrolls

A 3-barrelled title no less today... but only snippets.

Firstly, I joined Cardrunners... have been considering it for a while and finally took the plunge, bought a whole years membership which 'saved' a few notes. So far so good, they have over 1000 vids already there so plenty to watch. When i come back from my poker break in the new year the plan will involve fewer tables at higher stakes (was fed up with grinding!) so hopefully some useful insights will come from my membership there.

Politics next, not something I talk about often - either in writing or in person. Always been a centre-right 'small government' type, have plenty of views on individual 'issues' - but not overtly party political. While I never voted for Tony Blair he was not all that bad a PM... bit slimy perhaps - but hey, the UK did ok. Now that has changed, for the first time since they booted Thatcher I actually feel 'angry' in a political sense... and embarrassed too - in an abstract 'international pride' sense of the word.

The reason is a megolomaniac buffoon called Brown, who is bankrupting the UK even as he spins himself as a 'saviour'... the man who built-up the countries defecit through the good years is now gambling with the future of generations to come in order to save his own credibility.

Will not go on at length here for now - after all, this is primarily a poker blog - however just to mention to my readers around the world that when Gordon Brown speaks the population of the UK cringe... he only represents the views of a tiny tiny minority and will be gone as soon as we can get an election!

Phew they all say (glad thats over!).

Anyway, blogrolls... time rolls on and blogs come and go... time then for an intermittent call for anyone who wants to be added to my 'blogs of distinction' list... the only criteria is an interesting blog with some poker content. Drop me a comment and we'll see what we can do!

GL at the tables, Mark


Gavin said...

I'd like to join your blogroll sir

AllanDuke said...

Keep us updated on your thoughts about Cardrunners please.