Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Business Update Time!

That time of the month for a blog update on my ever growing affiliate business. A great month in November... more new players than ever before + a strong showing from the software side too. If that sounds familiar then, yes, each month is seeing growth - not as fast as I'd like, but then I am far too driven to be so easily satisfied!

But numbers is not what I am writing to share. It is a quick look back at some of the November's highlights and then a look forward to this month - will save the wider 2009 plans for a little later in the month.

So: Nov Highlights...

- Managed to get the new 'Comedy Of Errors' out right at the end of Oct, a highlight for me was that feedback has been great on the new version, appreciate all those who took the time to write (can be a 'lonely' in the sense of little feedback one way or another task being a writer sometimes!)

- The meta game section of SNG Planet is out, this is just the start plan on adding 1 article per week for the next 12 weeks or so.

- Customised banners + international navigation sorted also for SNG Planet, looking great too. We also rolled out the banners to Omaha Planet (more to go!)

- Poker Bonusz Klub, our Hungarian portal had a mini-makeover, loads still to do to get this one looking professional... however at least the orange backgrounds which made the text hard to read are gone.

- We kicked off some more translations, Comedy of Errors is on its way in Russian, and after losing our Romanian translator we are now working with another one and hope to have the translation done by the end of the year (so Jan by the time it is up on the site / checked etc)

- Finally, we have a template that will be used for new sites... this ties in with plans for next year more than anything else. Erika created a template which looks fantastic, will try it with the Cereus site to be launched next week.

So, that was all backwards - we have been working hard as ever! Just a couple of quick bullets on what to expect from your work-o-holic host during December.

- Roooooooooms, we have got a little behind with keeping up with the new software, bonuses and network changes for our rooms across a couple of sites. PokerRoom are out (no affiliate scheme - looking to replace with Bwin if they return my mail fast, otherwise another ongame skin who are more responsive!), UB / AP have finally merged into Cereus so loads of updates there (todays task actually!), Mansion are out (moved to iPoker) to be replaced with Cake and I still need to get to Red Poker for the Russian market and Unibet for the Hungarian.... sigh, so much to do. Plan on covering Everest and PKR by the end of the month too!

- Cereus Site, just a mini-site using the new template, will be 10 or so pages specialised in UB / AP traffic. Already written histories of the scandals etc. Will finish the writing this week and hope to have it up early next week.

- Omaha Planet, this one is becoming a chip on my shoulder, almost put it up for sale this week and have now decided not to (am open to the right offer though!!). So much potential with a hugely popular (and growing) game... just not sure where to take this site - direction-wise. After the rooms and Cereus project I plan to focus on this one, at the very least we need to add a weekly article + start a 'blog', need to have a proper 'brainstorm'.

- Reusable Room Reviews, this was referred to as a 'mystery project' previously, intend to offer reviews as both PLR and unique (respun) content from next week... anticipate 1 day a week on this project for the next couple of months. Will announce here when ready.

- Link Focus, finally for December... going to focus on links, exchanging with quality sites, writing some articles to get backlinks etc etc

So the conclusion is.... best stop writing this blog and get on with it Mark!

GL at the tables, Mark

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