Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Poker + New Income Streams

A quiet weekend of poker, very happy with my disciline to be honest -a had a new project on the boil and so worked instead... managing a few small late night tournaments only.

Starting positively - a 5th in a $15 MTT on UB prevented this weekend being a wash-out, though to be honest it only really cut my losses under the $100 mark! Horrible standard of play over there... people getting in with litterally any 2 suited throughout.

The poker highlight was actually in a $20 MTT at Titan... spiked a set early in this one (bb was 30) and managed to get all in against a donk with an overcard (ace) + a gutshot straight draw. He hit his straight on the river... taking me down to 300 chips. So I went into grind / steal / ninja mode and a couple of hours later caught up with the average of 4500ish chips... a great result! I actually bubbled in the end (i was the aggressor pre with AK and called by JJ then lost) but hey, not the point... those comebacks matter!

Anyway... a busy week ahead as ever.

The project at the weekend was insomnia - and I really hit it hard, domain + keyword research + 20 quality articles (all researched fully totalling 13,000-odd words) + affiliate setups for the product we are selling (some noise - more on this when we launch) + a design for the site... really intense weekend to be honest and with plently still to do.

Today will see Erika start to build a site, I will then upload all the pages and start the marketing side of things (hopefully Wednesday / Thursday) all being well we will see visitors coming through next week and hopefully a non-poker passive income stream to add to the portfolio.

Will also start another project later this week, and have some new custom banners to begin using on the sites (starting with a Titan / SNG Planet combo). These look really good - actually beating my expectations - and hopefully will generate a few clicks.

So, more on the 2nd project later in the week.

Until then - GL at the tables, Mark

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