Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Very Last Poker Commandment

Started looking at Reuben And Ciaffone's '10 Commandments of Poker' (there are really 11) back in August... well well - as the mighty Subhumans once put it 'Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash'.

Anyway... here is a link to the first post


Since then there have been 10 more - each debating a particular commandment. While none are particularly controversial, there is certainly some thought provoking material involved. All the more salient is the fact that the original list was put together before internet poker... yes indeed the 'internet generation' did not invent strategy after all!

So, the final 'Commandment' is number 11... and its a shorty: Vary Your Play

For me this is one of those poker 'givens' that is easily understood, acknowledged by almost everyone and kind of brushed aside in an 'of course!' kind of a way... yet rarely acted upon. Similar to both bankroll management and ideas behind dealing with tilt really, you know it, but do not do it!

The question then becomes why not?

Is it because you feel you do not need to vary your play... perhaps due to the level at which you play or the fact that you can 'ABC' over 12 tables to grind a decent profit?

Is it because you feel that your opponents in the mid-stakes are so bad that it really makes no difference?

Is it because you feel you know how to play each hand so 'optimally' that changing it up, even marginally, would result in an unacceptable loss of profit.

I am sure there are more reasons... the idea (as always) here is to stimulate thoughts rather than spell things out. The next question that people might ask is how to successfully vary play... my answer here is that if you do not yet understand pot control, bet sizing, position, flop texture and all of that great stuff then you probably need to spend some time learning and working on your game at the lower limits... once you understand some of the basics then changing it up once in a while will become second nature.

12th and final post over... whew (though I did promise to link them all from the first one.... when I have the time!)

GL at the tables, Mark

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