Saturday, November 01, 2008

Relaxing After A Hectic October + PokerBank's Forum

Wow, what a month, moved house and office and went to the UK and completed the Russian SNG Planet and re-wrote a comedy of errors and broke the record for the most ands in one sentence... and well, did tons of other things too.

Has been an excellent month all round, will do a write-up either tomorrow or Sunday.

In the meantime an announcement! Fellow poker affiliate Greg has started up a forum on his quality strategy site . I have signed up to post a few posts + answer some questions- it would be great to see a few plan3t gong readers over there. The PokerBank has some excellent quality articles too - mainly aimed at cash game players.... Greg has also stumped up $100 for the best poster in November contest.

Gl at those tables, Mark

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