Thursday, November 27, 2008

Online Poker In 2013 + ECOOP Main Event Freeroll

Reading the lastest in John Maudlin's newsletters this morning. These concern finance, economics and investing. While I rarely agree with him 100% (a little too right-wing for my right-wing tastes!), the letters are always thought-provoking and so make a great read (just like Plan3t gong I hear you all say?!?).

One of the topics of the latest letter was the increasing pace of paradigm shifts. The fact that new technology is appearing (and changing our lives) faster than ever before - yet people still look at the future in terms of projecting current trends outwards and adding a few 'bells and whistles'.

Could draw a parallel with 'The Black Swan' here - everyone knows that things keep coming along that totally change the way we work / communicate / enjoy liesure time etc, yet instead of accounting for the 'inevitable changes' and admitting that we do not know exactly what the next big change will be... we simply bumble along assuming that things will be pretty much the same but faster / prettier / more life-like (or whatever).

So, on to poker in 2013.

Well, I'm not going to stick my neck out and make any big bold predictions about holographic poker client or avatars which express realistic emotions. Instead I want to ask some questions.

- Are you assuming that things will be similar to now, only better? (computers are getting faster, people are being untied from their desks - think about how many laptops now compared to 5 years ago... will all of our computing be mobile in 2013? What about innovations with poker software, could you have predicted PKR??)

- Are you assuming that Stars dominance of the market will continue indefinitely? (Full Tilt did not exist in 2003, Titan was a baby and PKR was not even a twinkle in a designers eye! Will it be one of the current contenders or a brand new site at number #1?)

- And that no-limit holdem will be the game of choice in 2013? (in 2003 the main game was Limit Holdem after all!)

- That the US will still be the dominant market / country of the best players? (They had several years head start so far but there is no practical reason why Asians, Europeans, Russians, South Americans or any others can not surpass them - and soon)

- That rakeback will still exist? (assuming that every room eventually offers such similarly valued player incentives - effectively nullifying the advantage of this at some point down the line)

- That bots will outwhit the software and make the lower-limit grinders an extinct species? (if this came to pass would we need to play against opponents who had been 'certified' as Human beings?)

Anyway, just throwing some ideas out there really - would be great to see your thoughts on this subject!

*** A Quick Note For Non-US Readers ***

The ECOOP3 is now underway... actually tried to qualify for event #1 but was out close to the bubble (the satellite has an overlay (free money!) of alomost $2,000 too!).

This ECOOP has a guaranteed prize pool of more than $4 million, and of course the infamous Titan fish all over the tables. The main reason for this note was a chat with my Titan affiliate manager Chris yesterday... he has offered an extra incentive of a qualifier ticket for the ECOOP main event on Dec 7th (thats a $1000 entry tournament) for players signing up with my bonus code - SNGPLANET on top of the extra bonus (standard = $250, I can offer 100% to $500 + $20 in free cash) already available.

This token comes in the form of a freeroll entry in which the top 5 players all get the $1000 main event tickets - and is of course in addition to the new player and new depositor freerolls.

For those who have not checked out Titan for themselves we highly recommend this site as one of the fishiest (and thus most profitable) around.

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Gl at the tables, Mark

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