Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Meta-Game Section At SNG Planet

Rust, so they say, never sleeps - and neither do Mark and Erika in a bid to make SNG Planet the best (or something equally cheesy anyway).

A quick post to say we started a new section today - called 'Meta-Game'. The idea is to move away from the details of the SNGs, MTTs and Satellites we have been focused on, and look at the wider game.

There are already a bunch of new articles, and plently more to follow covering Poker Psychology, Personal Poker Development and Becoming A Pro... your feedback of course more than welcome.

New Poker Meta-Game Section

GL Those Tables, Mark


Oopda said...

Nice article on Tilt in the Meta-Game section -- I concur that switching sites is a great way to get a fresh start when you're frustrated. I feel that sometimes even the different graphics and sounds can have a positive impact psychologically. Also, switching from one game type to another (e.g. NLHE to Omaha) can also help.

And now, a completely unrelated question -- do you have any thoughts on the new Matrix SNGs on Full Tilt?

Mark said...

Hey Oopda

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the new section.

Not played a Matrix SNG yet, had a look when they first game out and thought it was more of a novelty game than anything else.

Should really have an article on them though for SNG Planet... for completeness if nothing else. Will try and get some played next weekend!

Cheers, Mark