Friday, November 07, 2008

How Good Is Your Pot Limit Omaha + Seal Clubbed

Finished up Stuart Reuben's 'How Good Is Your Pot Limit Omaha'... was reading a few hands at a time before bed so it took a while. An interesting book set in the live arena and in a hand quiz format... one thing that stands out - Reuben is loose and very aggressive!

While it was a pleasure to read and gave insights into lots of marginal situations, the crazy hand selection often lead me to answer 'fold pre / fold flop / fold to reraise on flop / oh - we got to the turn with just $10 left in a $5000 pot? Might As well call then'

Actually scored pretty reasonably with that logic. Another error was the lack of information about stack depth during the early stages of a hand... knowing who is able to make that last bet with fold equity from a long way out is an essential PLO skill. Still, a fun read and interesting to hear the logic of a truly great Omaha player - while it would not make my 'top 10' this is definitely worthy of a read.

Now, strange happenings at Pocket 5's - one of the forums I keep a close eye on for both business and liesure.

It started with long time writer for the site 'Seal' making a seemingly innocuous article about using his wife's account and the benefit of playing 'incognito' (without his well known name and RPT logo).... here it is.... Link this got some of the 'dogs' of P5's barking like crazy and chasing their tails.... Seal then comes in to say it was all made up - simply fiction...

Then a twist.

Someone did some investigating in this tread... Here and found that the facts lined up - that Seal was both cheating (in the going against TOC of Stars sense) and lying to the community there - ugly.

My thoughts are that this was a horrible error of judgement on Seals part... and the fact that P5's did not pull the article is a sign of weak leadership. Multi-accounting gives players a huge edge at the higher limits, where they play as 'unknowns' but have all the information on their opponents.

By not pulling the article / issuing an apology for something which appeared (however light heartedly) to support cheating in this way has tarred the reputation of Pocket 5's by association. With the 'good name' of the brand at risk a strong management team would have pulled the article, issued a short apology and then move on... their failure to do this is (IMO at least) a bigger shame than the mis-judgement of Seal in the first place.

What do you think??

GL at the tables, Mark

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Anonymous said...

100 percent agreed.

weak leadership, that ADAM comes over as a right condecending a-hole.

wp mate.