Sunday, November 16, 2008

General Update - Lack of DoN SNGs + Good Book

General update today, no big ideas on a lazy Sunday afternoon (got no time for worries...).

Productivity has been great over the last week, Insomnia project is all but completed, my xyzxyz project is about 65% there (will launch that this coming week and tell you about it then!), and I am raring to get going with the articles for the new Psychology section of SNG Planet next week (in fact we hope to have it ready in around a week's time) - as well as getting 1 or 2 more balls rolling... oh and our customised banners are looking great over there too, these will now be rolled out in different languages and sites.

So, with all that work I have been taking it somewhat easy this weekend, out Saturday but with the rest free... judging on past performance I really should be returning to those Double or Nothing SNGs and filling my boots with ready cash.... well, guess what? I keep almost doing just that! Even getting as far as the login screen once or twice. Then, well, just can not do it - so it is back to Titan for some fishy PLO (2nd in a small-field $5+r PLO tourney on Friday in fact, whooo-hooo!). Proves that there is not much of a grinder in me at the end of the day!

And finally, as they say. I have been a fan of Richard Dawkins since 'The Selfish Gene', (wow must have read that one 20 years ago now (scary how time flies!)). Anyway, reading one of his latest at the moment - 'The God Delusion' - and my god it is thought provoking (erm, 'pun' intended). Confident, readable and straightforward style too...

Have mentioned before here that I have zero belief in anything 'supernatural' ranging from gods to ghosts to UFOs, well Dawkins has shown me that my 'distanced respect' for the power of religion -the 'I will never believe but have no problem with anyone who does' routine - is actually a little weak. There are billions of us non-believers in the world... yet the 'hardcore' deity worshippers get their opinions heard first and loudest... particularly in the US, ah well.

Anyway... check out for more, after all - this is primarily a poker blog!

Gl at the tables, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Thanks for the tip.

Close my eyes and drift away....

Mark said...

Nice one Shamus, glad that my obscure musical reference was not completely in vain!