Monday, November 03, 2008

Forwards And Not Back!

Changed my mind about having an October review... great a month as it was, it has passed.

Instead, we can focus on November. Going to be a great month - and in fact has already started reasonably well with a 2nd in a small (300ish) player MTT on Party for $500 (and a couple more from a few DON SNG sessions).

Working at home today while the new office gets a coat of paint and have some big plans for November... here are some of the highlights!

- Diversify: By the end of this month we will have our first non-poker affiliate site, the subject will be insomnia... a facinating and keyword rich subject (not something I suffer from often, in fact I can kip anywhere). Will be great to set up a new income stream though and to test the idea that the skills we learn promoting poker will be more successful in less competative niches.

- Salesify: This week will see us release our own custom banners for use on the main sites... these will be moving (though not too flashy) gifs which include words like 'Omaha Planet Recommends' and our bonus codes, along with some highlights of each site. We have large gaps on all the sites which could be filled with banners.... we will keep it reasonable though, do not want to compromise on the quality.

- Translations: Must chase up the Romanian translation which seems to have stalled at the half-way mark... towards the end of the month I will start a new one too. Also planning to have 'A Comedy Of Errors' in Russian... really feel this is the market of the future.

- Contentify: What use are the tricks and adjustments without the core... the backbone of the sites is and will always be the content, and I have some great stuff in plan (some already written in fact).

- SEOify: Internal linking, backlinks and continual focus on this area - staying still in the poker SEO game is the equivalent of going firmly backwards.

Tell you what, tomorrow I'll knock the '10 commandments' thread on the head, the one started about 100 years ago.

Good Luck At Those Tables, Mark

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