Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cereus Finally Launch + Advance Tickets

Guess readers have noticed that the '+' sign keeps making an appearance in my blog titles recently... thought this one up as a way to add colour to the poker stories here, after all it can be a bit of a dry subject at times!

Feel that this reflects the fact that poker is actually a whole lot more enjoyable when part of a balanced lifestyle...

Anyway - Cereus.

Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker finally pool their players, and with a somewhat mixed reaction... my personal view is that this is an excellent turn of events and allows the potential for a US Network which could even mount a challenge to Tilt for 2nd place at some point along the road (maybe by 2010? Stars being a little too far off for now IMO). Competition = great for the industry and hopefully this will trigger innovations from the Cake Network too.

The haters have their last chance to rattle on about ethics and so on, which is nice. I maintain my stance on this which is the fact that these very same people think that millions of children dying every year from easily preventable disease in Africa is just "one of those things", yet feel that someone playing on / affiliating for UB is the devil incarnate... in other words some pespective is required.

Anyway, those guys will have a week or two to rattle on once more before it all dies down, so up to them!

Funny thought, according to available industry statistics something like half the players who were involved in online poker when the UB scandal broke will not even be playing any more... either bored or bust.

My view is that there is only one question to ask from a business perspective - is the site currently safe for players (relative to the other online poker sites) ? For me the answer is a clear yes... from here the argument is a moot point.

Vested interest notice: I have a nifty little domain on this subject which is in the queue for development just as soon as the psychology section of SNG Planet is completed.


Bought some concert tickets yesterday, for the 23rd June 2009 - a personal record for the longest in advance I have ever bought tickets, and its only a band I sort of like...

There is one band that, for reasons unknown, are adored by Hungarians - they were big enough in their native UK, popular in the US and had a following worldwide... but here they are on a different level. Fan clubs hold regular nights all over Budapest playing their music and videos. Tours which slowly sell elsewhere are sold out in 3 days flat here, even in the biggest stadium around... I'm talking about a band with some instantly recognisable songs, many of us will happily tap a foot along to their tunes... yep of all bands to be obsessed with, the Hungarians love Depeche Mode!

So, we got the tickets... should be, erm, fun!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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