Thursday, November 06, 2008

Backup Internet Connection... Maybe Not Just For The Online Pros

The worst thing that can happen in online poker (well, other than getting 2-outered on the final table bubble!) is the 'Lost Connection' message... especially when playing several tournaments or SNGs.

Was down to 4 SNGs in a set last night on Party... when pop... my connection goes for an hour. Thinking about it I had reasonable stacks in 3 of them (was from a set of 6) so my equity was probably a lot more than the $44 including fees lost.

This got me thinking.

How often would this need to happen to make it +ev for me to invest in a 2nd internet connection. $50 a month covers it nicely here in Budapest, and here the lack of competition (only 2 main suppliers) keeps prices relatively high.

Several scenarios could come about - such as disconnecting during an MTT final table - which could easily pay for a whole year in one go... then again, the net is actually pretty reliable here - which means it may not pay for itself at all.

As with many things gambling related - it is all about your attitude to risk.

Does the small chance of a big loss motivate you to insure yourself with regular payments for a backup?

Is this just a hazzard of the game and something we should just take on the chin those rare times it happens?

What about alternatives, those wireless sticks which attach to the mobile phone networks... can they be bought on a pay-per-use basis and used only in emergencies?

Something I'll be thinking about more... how about you??

GL at the tables, Mark


Littleacornman said...

I was refunded my entry fee after being disconnected from Party on Tuesday night.May be worth contacting support if the rest of the net was working last night.

My UK cable connection seems quite reliable but I'm certainly considering the usb dongle option as backup.I think you can get it for a £50 one off fee in the UK.

Drarr said...

When I started adding more tables to my games I brought one of those mobile sticks for about £15 a month, after a session where I lost connection for about 15mins while 9 tabling the $16s STTs. Since then it's bailed me out of a few situations. Apart from the consequences of being blinded down, I figure with any tourneys you're opportunities don't really come all that often, so to miss out on can really affect your outcome.

Definatley worth getting some kind of backup if you're playing tourneys on more than a casual basis.

Andy said...

pay per use is great, i have a backup internet connection due to the fact that i have such a wireless card for my laptop anyways...but that only costs me 20€ a month...pitty you don't have much competition in hungary...

Mark said...

Cheers gentlemen... I'm now convinced.

They definitely sell them here in Hungary... should be fun trying to understand the instructions though!