Friday, November 21, 2008

3 Of Of 100 Ain't Bad + Translators Required!

Like the number 12 bus on a foggy morning, it seems things come in 3's!

A site called Fusion Poker run by a prominent member of the poker affiliate community by the name of Randy has compiled a comprehensive list of worthy poker sites - link below (and it is recommended reading as well as excellent linkbait!!)

100 Poker Sites You Should Check Out

Some old favourites (and actually a couple of past-it dogs!) feature in this list - and I am included 3 times for my own sites and no less than 5 more sites I have written for (a few extensively) are there too... got to be good.

My inclusions are - Melted Felt (my satire poker news blog), SNG Planet (my biggest site) and Plan3t Gong (right here!).

Thanks to Randy and Fusion poker for the accolades - always nice to be noticed.

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Can you translate??

Doing a piece of research today on the potential size and scope of various poker markets... plan is to get a decent schedule for next years translations.

Unfortunately we lost our Romanian transator at the half way stage... with just 50 of the 100 articles completed, it is also getting towards the time for the next language to begin - have decided to go with Polish next... big country with the potential to become a major European player in the years to come.

So. If you would be willing to transate 100 poker articles into Polish or 50 into Romanian (potentially ongoing for both) at a reasonable rate then drop me a comment with your e-mail address and details on pricing (average 850 words per article). I am aiming this at poker enthusiasts with good language skills - no need for the pro transation agencies to quote me 5 times the cost of getting the article written, thanks.

Will be looking for German / Dutch in the new year too!

GL at those tables, Mark

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