Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shifting Sands In The Poker Industry

Seem to be some interesting developments in the poker site landscape at the moment. As an affiliate I view these with mixed emotions. On one hand change is something positive and creates opportunities for newer affiliates to fight with the long established guys on a more level playing field... on the other hand it becomes a pain in the a55 re-writing yet another set of reviews every damn week!

So, what has been happening?

The battle is for the podium places - with Stars already a lap ahead we need to look a little further down the ranks to find the interesting battles.

Firstly, William Hill are joining iPoker, along with Mansion Poker (2nd move for Mansion recently). This will give a boost to the iPoker Network in its battle with Party for the 3rd largest poker site spot...

But now rumors are around that Party will be 'merging' with Crypto (where Will Hill were based). In this case 'merging' can be thought of as a desert 'merging' with a smallish bucket of sand... of course, there are issues to sort out here - Crypto survives by offering Rakeback, something which Party (nor iPoker) have nothing to do with... so will the Crypto players move at all?? personally doubt it... they'll end up at Cake or Tilt (or another RB-friendly network),

To make things more interesting still we have Microgaming about to enforce the '13 States' Gaming ban (+ Kentucky) by blocking IP addresses. And after much fanfare the Cereus network of UB and AP is still not with us...

Phew, can not keep up... best go have a nice cup of tea.

GL at the tables, Mark


Haynesey said...

Hey Mark,

Personally i can't see crypto joining FPT, for the fact that crypto give out more then the FTP's 27%RB, which we all know how strict they are about!

Possible move to cake, but i think Party may go through and swallow them up, with there recent software upgrade we may well see the battle between iPoker and Party continue!

Mark said...

Hey, agree with you there... was thinking that the players on Crypto were unlikely to stomach the move to a non-rakeback site.

So, Party 'officially' swallow Crypto, yet individually the former players leave and join other RB sites.

One theory anyway!

Cheers, Mark