Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reuben And Ciaffone's '10 Commandments Of Poker'... Almost There - Here Is Number 10!

Slowly but surely getting through Reuben and Ciaffone's 10 commandments of big bet poker over the last couple of months... there are actually 11 of them. Here is a link to the original post - keep meaning to link back to the posts which take each one in turn... for now you can see them listed in the blog archive on the right hand side menu.

So, on with number 10... again the beauty of this 'commandment' is the dual goals of being utterly simple - yet having far reaching ramifications. If you do not think that it applies to you then please at least take a quiet minute to reconsider.

Commandment 10: Don't Play In A Game Unless You Figure To Win

Smart one eh?

The first thought that this one brings for me is that you need to be able to quantify your edge... that is to say that you should be able to clearly state where your profit will come from and have an estimate of the amount (over time) and the expected variance... this does not need to be complicated, at the low to mid levels your profit will come from opponents making mistakes, it is thus up to you to identify which players make the most / biggest errors and profit from them.

My second thought is how much this refers to discipline. For example, you join a game and the fish leave - but you can not be bothered to move. You get bored or tired and your edge disappears would be another example of the same concept. Keep asking whether you figure to win, if the answer is uncertain then time to take a short break to re-assess.

Finally, to me this relates to table selection. Jumping in to the first table with a spare seat is a horrible way to play poker - you are giving up a potentially huge edge by not taking the time to seek out the most profitable opponents for your style... will not go into the details of table selection here but really!

Anyway - as usual at Plan3t Gong the idea is to provoke thinking for readers rather than lecture!! Will leave it here and hope that many of you will bring your own ideas to the 10 commandments.

GL at the tables, Mark

Quick PS: The Double or Nothing SNG Articles mentioned in a previous post are now up over at SNG planet.... Stars Double or Nothing SNGs Guide

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