Monday, October 13, 2008

A Refeshing Week Away From Poker - And A Final Table!

As always my trip to the UK left less time between activities than anticipated... as usual my intentions of keeping everything updated have not been fulfilled - but as it happens my unscheduled week away from the tables has felt great.

The primary reason for this trip was my mothers wedding, which managed to meet and even beat all expectations with the smoothness of events and general happy vibes. Great to catch up with a ton of relatives and family friends not seen in years, best of all was to see mum move forward from what has been a rough few years into a very bright future...

Also managed to catch up with my Dad who made me jealous by taking an apartment in an Art Deco block (I love Art Deco architecture (but not the inside decoration so much)). Some friends in Southsea were also on the visited list... great to see that time has well and truly stood still over there guys and gals!!

Anyway, last night it had all settled down and I was able to play a little poker for the first time in over a week. After coming up 3 buy-ins at 25c / 50c PLO at Party I joined a few multis there and at Titan. Cashed in 2 of them including a 6th place of 500-odd in a $10 rebuy at Titan for almost $600. Always a shame to go out, but the stacks were sooo shallow from 5 tables out (even the chip leaders with <20bbs and the average <10) that it was a great achievement to get that far. Doubt I will have much more time to play this week, at least until Wednesday when back in BP.

This increases the 'Thailand Fund' past the $1k mark, though I will not update the figure yet as this only 'counts' when the money is withdrawn and safely stored away (for new readers I am aiming to save up $5k from poker bonuses - and half(ish) of any winnings - by the end of Jan 2009 in order to fund a few weeks island hopping in Thailand... my favourite country in the world!!)

GL at the tables, Mark

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