Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Post - The Poker Version Of The Button On My New Microwave!

Extra busy day (again) today, so just a quick post... though hopefully a thought provoking analogy!

We have a new microwave in our lives - a pretty standard white thing with a couple of features added. The other day I made some coffee with my espresso machine and, as is usual, microwaved some milk to go with it... in went the milk, twisted the timer to around 45 seconds and let go - nothing happened.

Now, there are no obvious buttons on this micro, only the twister for the timer looked even vaugely button like... so I pushed it and - bing - the process of milk warming begins. Being a coffee addict the process was repeated several times since.

A couple of days later I'm back in the kitchen, warming a cup of tea which inadvertently went too cool (blame it on concentrating on writing poker articles!). Same process, tea into micro, set the time, push the button...

Only this time Erika laughs at me.


Well, it turns out that the timer dial is not a button. In fact there is no button. All you need to do after setting the timer is to wait a couple of seconds - and the microwave starts all by itself... I was dilligently pressing a non-button all the time.

Of course I laughed at the time. But then it got me thinking, the association between the machine starting and pressing the 'non-button' was pretty firm, after the first time I never questioned it... but are there any similar situations in my (and your!) poker games... times when we are making a play or behaving in a particular way because we have mistakenly associated this with a positive outcome??

To my mind the answer is 'almost certainly'... the issue is how to identify and correct them.

For now I will leave you to ponder this thought - plan to come up with examples when I have a couple less projects close to being completed!

GL at the tables, Mark


John said...

Great story. Another example of that would be the old folks triple-clicking their mouse rather than double-clicking. "Just to be sure"... ;)

Online Poker Nut said...
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