Thursday, October 02, 2008

Poker's Other Gap Concept...

The phrase 'Gap Concept' in poker-speak was coined by David Sklansky to describe the phenominon that you need a better hand to call a raise than to open a pot for a raise yourself in poker tournaments.

For todays 'make you think' piece I'd like to introduce a second poker Gap Concept that most of us experience to some extent.

This is the gap between what you plan to do and what you actually do in the wider sense of the word. Breaking it down into several possibilities all relating to the higher level viewpoint on the game:

- The gap between the hand histories you plan to review and the number that you do.

- The gap between the improvement that joining a training site will give you and watching those vids with half-an eye while playing / surfing.

- The gap between your intention to specialise / grind / build that bankroll and your real bahaviour at the tables which involves taking shots, changing games frequently or even playing 3 different kinds of poker at the same time.

- The gap between your self-belief that Tilt is something that affects 'other people' and the facts of the matter... that you lose a bunch of chips after a bad beat.

- The gap between your intentions when it comes to sound bankroll management and your actual buy-in levels.

- The gap between your assumption that you are skilled just 'unlucky' and the reality at the tables (particularly for those who do not actively try and improve their game through study etc)

Had a few more of these but that should be enough to clarify my point.

Intentions and reality do not always match in the world of poker... what are you going to do about making sure that the reality of your success has come from your initial plan??

GL at the tables, Mark


Sam Barber said...

Simple yet brilliant. I only recently woke up to the fact that being completely honest with yourself about your "real" skill levels is the only way to improve and move forward in poker, and it was like my poker mind finally woke up. Some excellent posts lately, please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

nice one - hit the nail on the head, probably more important overall than the original "Gap Concept"

Mark said...

Thanks for the feedback folks - as they say... if you can not be honest with yourself!

Cheers, Mark