Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - End Of Month Update September

Another busy month has passed in the poker business - a 'doh!' moment hit me too during September. More on that in a moment, first some highlights from last month.

- Got the Fish-O-Meter launched on SNG Planet, the combo of newsletter, press release and blog posts got 1200ish eyeballs on the new tool on day #1... great result and traffic to the site growing all the time!

- Completed the new 'Mixed Games' strategy section over at Omaha Planet.

- Redesigned the layout of Poker Bonusz Klub (our Hungarian portal) to be a little less orange, needs more de-organing still... trouble is that suggesting this to E is the equivalent of insulting her entire family, friends and pets (past and future). Oh we added a bunch more content here too.

- Great progress with the Russian version of SNG Planet with the translation 80% done now and the pages going up in dreamweaver at the moment (on holiday in the UK from Monday so a small delay to the launch of this one)... also have a solid start to the Romanian translation.

... the rest is just the day-to-day running and organic growth stuff... new content, links and optimisation all takes time.

Ok, the 'doh!' moment.

My calls to action are too polite.
Yes, I'm a Brit (although this is the only site where I write in my native language - the rest are all in that simplified US version of English!!). being a Brit comes with a certain level of politeness... and this was the problem with my calls to action.

For example I write a strategy article which would work well with Pokerstars offerings. As an affiliate I am hoping that a percentage of readers click the banner at the bottom of the article. Now, the request was there in many of the articles, but in such a shy way - 'PokerStars is the largest online poker site and offers a great selection of games at a variety of buy-in levels' kind of thing.

What is required is not this British politeness but something direct.

My challenge is to be direct without being spammy or over-commercial sounding (after all the sites are build on the premise of quality). So, we have a project underway at the moment to review and improve the calls to action (in addition to enouraging people to visit certain articles).

The calls to action try to balance a 'do this!' with a reason which does not insult any readers intelligence.... so:

Click the banner below now to find out just what makes Poker Stars the most popular online poker room by a huge margin... use Marketing / Bonus code PAWSUB35 / FIRST2008 to claim your free 100% match bonus to $50.

Some start with the bonus and then say 'check them out for yourself now by... ' and still others focus on a specific area of the site in question.

I have been too polite with my calls to action - time to shake off this Britishness and be far more forward!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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