Thursday, October 16, 2008

Move Underway + Tired Tournaments + Overcalls

It was inevitable - any move of house involves a trip to Ikea... and the flat we move into at the weekend requiresa bed.... Now, a bed is an important thing right? After all I'll be spending somewhere between 1/4th and 1/3rd of my time there! Well I bought a very nice one - a set in fact with matching cabinets. - Now all I need to do is forget about the 600 quid ($1200) it cost me (its an investment Mark, an investment, investment, ment, nt, t)...

Enough of that, the move is underway and I have some poker thinking to do.

Played a couple more tournaments last night, best finish was 12th of 300-odd in an $11 on Party for just short of $50 (only cash but paid for the others). Some ugly beats and all that usual stuff will not be mentioned here... what I will bring up was the 2 things that stuck me:

1) Playing tired... up at 6:30 am, long drive to London, flight then sorting everything out had left me tired, and to be honest not in the mood to make poker decisions. Yet I played anyway. Bad idea right, and something which I am very aware of too. So, no excuses here - just no repeats. From here on in I'll be more disciplined about playing when tired / not in the mood - thats a promise firstly to myself and secondly to the rest of the world!

2) Overcalls with big hands... I mean legitimate ones here. A common situation came up yesterday. I isolated a small stack's all in by shoving my 10 BBs with 9-9, and I was right too - he showed K-6 or something horrible. Yet the BB in this hand overcalled with QQ... poof - out! Now, this is disappointing and felt 'unlucky', but hey - there is always a chance of this and another time it may be me with the QQ in this situation. My thought here is to work out the card distributions and chances of this happening and commit the main numbers for 2-3-4-5 etc opponents to memory - after all, any useful info that gives us an edge is worth having... if only things were not so busy at the moment I'd do it now....

GL at the tables, Mark

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