Monday, October 20, 2008

Its The Economy, Stupid + Quick General Update

Back in the office for the first time in 2 weeks and getting stuck in to some serious content creation for several of my sites... E is still sorting out unpacking in the new place so tomorrow is the earliest time for uploads.

Next phase of moving will begin shortly - with the builders arriving at our old flat to fix the damp wall and turn the place into our office... we have 10 days left here but no biggy if not completed - we can always work at home.

Thinking about it this is going to be one extra busy week - hope to have the Russian version of SNG Planet ready to go shortly and that will involve lots more of the dreaded cut-and-paste + dreamweaver page creating... ugh.

Anyway, the economy thing... do not usually mention it here, but I am fascinated with Economics and particularly the psychology of the markets. The great wealth / debt delusion of the past few years is now over and the effects far reaching - so what does this mean for online poker??

Will try and do this subject justice in a future post... until then a quick quote from John Maudlin's latest letter (recommend the letters BTW - While I do not always agree with the detail of his views, Maudlin sends some fantastic thought provoking material each week and presents it clearly as well!).

From the newsletter of Oct 18th.

We are becoming a morose nation, staying at home to drown our sorrows - even bar sales are down, almost 1%. While I am sure this audience is doing its part to help out the bartenders of the world, our clients are not.

Sounds good to me, lets hope that some of those stay-at-homes are playing poker instead.

GL at the tables, Mark

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