Monday, October 27, 2008

General Update - The Secret, Russian And Moving

Another crazy week looking me square in the eyes... should be a fun one though.

We should have the Russian version of SNG Planet finally completed by the end of the week, its almost ready for the checking / proof reading stage and press releases await. I genuinely think this will make a huge difference to our business 2 ot 3 months down the line (time to get some good rankings).

Moving office is scheduled for Friday, the builders are into our old flat tomorrow and plan on being finished by Thursday... Fri is actually the last day for this office (nothing like building a little contingency into a project eh Mark??!?)

I am about 80% through a long-planned re-write of A Comedy Of Errors. Need to find a way of distributing this to the 4000-odd people who have the original, should be able to do it via my mailing list company subscription... well overdue updates and hopefully useful to the readers too.

Finally some more articles written last week are due to go up on the sites - I am planning a brand new 'Poker Psychology' section for SNG Planet too (this will probably take at least a few weeks while getting the material together etc)

So, mentioned The Secret in the title... saw the film over the weekend. Erika has been into this for a while, even to the point of having a 'wishes board' with pics of everything to be manifested. The law of attraction has some merits, while I have issues with the more esoteric side of this ('manifesting' seems like utter boll0x to me)... I can definitely relate to the positive thinking aspects and the imagining of success driving you towards those goals... any readers have any thoughts on this one??

Finally, the weekends poker was my best in ages... netting a final total of $800 towards the Thailand fund (must tot that up, shoud be $2k by now). Far too much to do to be playing poker this week though - which actually feels good... even though I'd like to contine my winning streak immediately life has moved on, life is one long poker game after all - and those tables will be waiting for me next time a gap appears in my busy schedule.

GL at the tables, Mark

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