Monday, October 06, 2008

Double Or Nothing SNG Strategy + Off To The UK

Edit: Actually wrote them myself in the end! In 2-parts, the first being an introduction and the second a strategy overview... links are below - feedback always welcome, not only do I enjoy disagreements (!), there are actually several ways to skin a double or nothing cat (run, here come the metaphor police!)

Poker Stars Double Or Nothing SNGs Gudie

Double Or Nothing SNG Strategy

A few thoughts on strategy for the 'Double or Nothing' SNGs on Stars today... some good news is that a friend, SNG grinder and previously published writer for SNG Planet is putting together a strategy article on this subject, hope to have it up during this week.

Before my own thoughts, a UK trip starts this afternoon - visiting for my Mothers Wedding next weekend and really looking forward to catching up with friends and family alike. Will endeavour to keep Plan3t Gong updated but do not want to feel tied to this. Do have some Melted Felt entries already in the can, so that one should stay (mostly) daily.

Right, a few random thoughts on the double of nothing sitngoes... well, the bubble at least.

- $ equity... with 6 players left and equal stacks in a $10 game each player has a $ equity of $16.66c, the maximum equity possible is $20... this leaves a very small margin when it comes to risk / reward in 2 situations:

1) Calling pushes. Just don't do it as long as you have fold equity after the hand, you need to be 80%-odd favourite just to break even.

2) Pushing into others with wider calling ranges: This one is equally important, if you push 'correctly' with any-2 and get donk-called by some ace-rag it is you who will suffer (in equity terms)... taking responsibility to assess who calls light is a key factor, you can only control your own behaviour after all.

- $ev Fold is bigger than you think... since there are 6 players at the bubble (5 get paid) the chance of 2 opponents going to war in any single hand is bigger, so take this into account when making a decision. If you have a loose table then folding some marginally +$ev spots may be better in the long run, if the table is tight then take those same spots.

- Stack Sizes are very important at any bubble, here they are critical. If you are small then put the pressure on before you lose your ability to make opponents fold - or they will spot this and wait you out. If you are large then the mid-stacks are the ideal ones to pick on.

- Steal from the regulars... one last thought, if you spot someone 20-tabling then steal from them every chance you get, they are more likely than average to understand ICM and will rarely fight back (and if they do you can safely fold knowing they have a monster!).

Anyway - just a collection of thoughts for now - GL at the tables, Mark

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AllanDuke said...

Full Tilt has $24+2 18-player SNGs where the top five get a $75 token and the sixth place finisher snags $66. They are played just as tight as the Double or Nothings, but so much more fun to play.