Sunday, October 26, 2008

Double Or Nothing Craziness... But Will It Last?

Having some fun with those Double or Nothing SNGs this weekend, they are totally crazy inventions really, played maybe 200 of them at the $10+40c level and have just reached the $500 mark in profits, not bad and testament to opponents almost trying to give away their cash more than any particular skills of mine!

Of course, I have looked the life of a 'SNG Grinder' in the eye before and decided that it was not for me. No reason to change my mind about this... while many see the 'poker pro' lifestyle as some glamorous goal - the reality is that it is a glorified and very lonely data entry job for most who take that path.

My Double or Nothing strategy articles are already up at SNG Planet (click the banner on the right - they are linked from the front page). There is one more concept which, after these 200 games, has really hit home. It was first expanded upon by PxF trainer Inissint and goes by the name of 'necessity'.

Unlike regular SNGs there are many situations in a DoN in which you can turn down a positive expectation push or call... since many others are in worse shape than you. The most common is when you have an average-plus hand with an above average but not huge stack and there are 2 (or more) small stacks at the table. My strategy here is to fold A-Q (for example) where one or more opponents yet to act could put me to the same level of the smallies, I ask myself whether I need those extra chips - or whether the situation is comfortable enough to avoid any extra risk.

Guess you could put this in terms of $ equity... those extra chips are incrementally worth less and less as you go from 'big' to 'very big' stack status.

Neccessity gets you the other way too... you consider a hand marginal, yet profitable, at the 6-person bubble with some shorties left in the game you can pass.... at the 7-person bubble where there is only 1 more short-stack you are forced to act. It was Collin Moshman who estolled the virtues of pushing 'blind' UTG rather than losing your fold equity - a concept which I would advocate when blinding away would trigger opponents to 'wait you out'.

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Gl at those tables, Mark


Anonymous said...

where are you playing 10+.40? I don't see anything like that on stars. It looks like 10+.80 is the cheapest.

Mark said...

The $10+40s are Turbos... if you can not see them then take a look at your SNG filter on the bottom left of the SNG lobby view... there is a turbo check box.

I got used to Turbos early and very rarely play standard blinds!


Bill said...

Yeah, the turbo tournaments are really the best way to go. You want to play a high volume of these in order to maximize your hourly rate.