Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comedy Of Errors - The 2nd Edition Is Here!!!

A second post today - and one about a second edition... yes after distributing more than 4000 copies of my SNG Strategy Guide 'A Comedy of Errors' the time finally came to update it, add some new sections, brush up the examples and generally make an all-new version #2.

Though very pleased with the result I'm actually rather relieved it is done, while readers know I am not exactly the 'work-shy' type - this was an addition to a ton of other tasks... and even the 2nd proof read ended up being half a day!!

Enough, the new version has just been sent to those on the SNG Planet News list - I will not send it to those who received it via Planet Gong originally though, since this is going back almost 2-years now, hopefully those still into poker will learn of it soon enough.

Anyone who wants one needs to go via my sign-up on , we will send out 1 short newsletter each month (even this can be unsubscribed with a click)... so hop on over and grab your copy now - feedback for the original was excellent, and I am actually proud to be offering something that is considered better than many of the expensive 'cl1ck-bank' efforts completely free.

GL at those tables, Mark

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